What Are The Basic Guide For Financial Freedom?

Finance Freedom Guide 3Managing your finances is something which you will mostly never be taught in school. Most schools today only aim at creating employees (as opposed to employers) out of graduates. I personally feel that it is mostly people with less education who start their own businesses and achieve financial freedom. This is because they are less conditioned by the “do not think outside the box” thinking of today’s schooling system.

One of the main deficiencies in the courses we study is that they never teach us to be self-sufficient financially. Sure, they can make us get a really high-paying job by being a good student, but these days to be successful, you need more than a job. You need to be financially free!

Just so you know, achieving financial freedom and working a job just do not go together. The reason simply is that if you are working for someone, you are always working to earn a paycheck and you never come to a point where you can earn more by doing less. A nearly 100% true observations is: A good employee is always rewarded by more work.

Concrete Financial Freedom Guide – Have A Vision, Plan And Purpose

“Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chain” is a quotation from Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778) The Social Contract, French political philosopher. But I ask myself, was I really born free? Let’s see, at the time of my birth (early seventies), GDP per capita in Tanzania was $655; national external debt was $677m, amounting to $48 debt per head on every baby born in Tanzania then pop 14m (Ajayi et al, 2000)… was I really born free? you tell me!

(By the way, Tanzania external debt has risen to $5.3bn (2008), with population of 41m people, every person born in Tanzania today is born with at least $129 debt… I should remember to add this to my personal loans, credit cards and mortgage debts.)

The truth is I inherited more than just DNA from my parents (and parents’ parents). I should have been born free, but I grew up with not only national external (and internal debt) hovering over my head but also a way of thinking-mind-set, both from my immediate family and national paradigm (the old question, who we are today is it nature or nurture?)

I come from the family background where children are considered as investment-parents want payback from children they reared into society. So I have to fight to stand on my own feet not just for me and my children, but for my parents, my younger siblings and some extended family members whom my father/mother owes a favor.

Finance Freedom Guide 1Coming from such background, you will excuse me if I fight like a crazy man; I want to be free not just for me but to leave a legacy for my children and my children’s children. I don’t see or consider my children as investment. I consider it my duty (since they did not ask to be born off me) to make sure that I give them a head start in life-education, right mindset and capital.

The most wise King who ever lived, King Solomon, was recorded saying, “a good man leaves inheritance to his children’s children” [Proverbs 13:22, NIV] so what does it mean if a man leave nothing or worse, debts to his children… let alone his children’s children.

One of the pre-requisites for financial freedom is a desire; your desire to become free must be strong… in fact, it must be an obsession. If you are to overcome your fears, pre-conditions habits and belief you must have strong desire rooted in a worthy call, cause or assignment.

Your motivation must be ABSOLUTE BURNING DESIRE to succeed and not the fear of failure. Your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear of failure if you are to be and do anything worthwhile in life. As you meditate, feed on and commit to writing your desire… it will begin to grow in you and expand into a worthwhile cause.

Don’t think of negative thoughts, you will know what to do with them later when you have your dream on ground. Continue to meditate and adding one good thought after another on your dream until your dream/vision becomes greater than your fear, then and only then will you be able to act according to your dream, until then, you will continue to act according to your fears.

You Need A Strong Personal Need To Want To Have Financial Freedom

In these times of financial uncertainty, one must really ponder “Will we ever have to stop worrying about whether we can pay our bills?” Bankruptcy always seems to be just a stone throw away. We are forever worrying about whether we have enough money when we retire. Here is when financial planning comes in. A lot of people have many misconceptions about financial planning. They wait till they are in financial troubles or they lose their job and realize that only source of money is no more and begin to panic. Here are several ways that in which you can manage your finances better. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to manage your finances.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see especially among working middle aged adults is that they never bother to plan ahead. We are not talking about planning just one month or one year ahead. We are talking about planning about two to three decades in advance. Planning this far ahead might sound a little bit far fetched but it is not. Bills are forever incoming. There is always more things to pay for. Taking one step at a time at financial planning is what will make you end up in bankruptcy. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old. Financial planning begins now. Even if you are just in your early 20s with relatively no family commitment or bills to pay, start to learn how to map out your own financial plan. As the famous saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.


Now that you want to begin on your financial planning but then when you realize that your job is your only source of income and you are not getting a pay rise anytime soon, what do you do? You look for business opportunities. It important that you learn to drop to 8 to 5 mentality because it really doesn’t give you any financial stability. You can get fired anytime. Pay increase is something that you have to begged your employer for and after deducting income taxes, the final disposable income that is given to you may not be worth the value that you provide in your job. Topp Finans is full of information and I recommend that you visit the website.

The best advice to start earning some income while still retaining your job is to start an online business. A website is relatively easy to start and it is very low cost. However, don’t assume that online business is an easy thing to do. Failure rates are still high and you need to treat your business like a hobby. It does not matter even if you earn only $60 or $10 a month. Just so as long you are earning some passive income, you are on your way to financial freedom.